Tom Hunnicutt

January 1, 2020


It’s good to like the place you’re from. And Escaping From Today is a nice theme.

Tom seems like a pretty chill mix of hippy outdoor and rugged man’s man –  he was in the military, has environmental concerns. Probably a good person to stop and help you if your car breaks down. The back of this record says he’s from somewhere that wikipedia says hasn’t existed in an awful long time. Opposition, Arkansas. so named in opposition of the bigger town nearby or something. I love the whole first side of this record, haven’t spent much time with Side 2 yet. Tried to digitize the whole side but only got this one song done.

Looks like Tom still makes music or has kind of recently as his stuff is available on CDBaby. Gotta check that out sometime….


Price: One dollar

Location: dollar bin

LAC-050 Sueños Contigo

August 15, 2018

Screen Shot 2018-08-14 at 11.53.43 PM

A new mix that will be coming out on a Little Axe cassette very soon. Just a hodge podge of stuff bought on the streets of Mexico City.

Sueños Contigo Part I

Sueños Contigo Part II

Gospel Vision Lights

February 28, 2018





This is really hitting the spot. Looks like 70s but kinda sounds 80s.  Some cursory google searching is proving fruitless. The lead singer might live in the Sandilands Village neighbourhood in Nassau, Bahamas. More research, info and tracks to come.


price: eight dollar
location: 3 am midnight run to eugene

New Creature


Dance with the Brac Beach Boys

August 15, 2017


I don’t own very many records from Cayman Islands, but this is one of them. Bought in the last six months or so. From the liners:

“Here is a true Caribbean treasure – a Cayman Islands recording of a popular Cayman Islands band – recorded without electronic-gimmicks or special studio sound effects.”


“For the Caymanian, here’s a professionally recorded album of one of your own popular bands chock full of your own favorite music. What more needs to be said? It’s YOURS.”

A sweet mix of kinda lo-fi calypso, merengue, rock-steady, dance-special and c&w tunes.

price: five dollar or less
location: 2017 west coast junking

Who’ll Buy The Wine

There Goes My Everything


September 26, 2015

Here’s something you don’t see very often, at least around here. A private album of a mostly Mexican bar band doing 70s rock and pop covers. This was recorded sometime after 1975 in Salem, at Cherry Studios. The studio, which is still in business, was run at least in part by recording engineer Ron Skog. Will report back if they recall the record.

I had pretty high hopes from the cover and photos of these guys. They look totally awesome. Then on first listen seemed like kind of a bust, but has really grown on me. And for a sweet bonus they do a cover of Tumbling Dice, the opening track from The Rolling Stones classic Exile on Main St. What is up with their change to the first line of the song?

price: one dollar or less
location: thrifting salem strip mall edition

Tumbling Dice

Cambodian Tape #2

March 29, 2015


Here’s the 2nd one. From a tape titled “Groupe musicien Khmere au Canada Numero 4 Stereo”
Desperately seeking the previous three volumes. will trade. No idea how this made its way to the US but there it was on the bottom shelf surrounded by terrible looking 90s tapes by Freshy et al.

Cool 80s keyboards, drum machines etc

price: one dollar (plus one zillion dollars gas money driving to all these places)
location: “sorry we don’t have any more tapes”


Also check out my other blog Lovely On The Water for another tape from this shop.

Cambodian Tape #1

March 29, 2015


it sure has been a long time.

some mid to late 80s jams. sick cover.
please send me more.

Price: one dollar.
Location: bottom shelf of a video/grocery store. one of the last tapes left in the place.

Phased vocals