Marti Shannon

Here’s a record that I bought cause the lady on the cover had a cool outfit and I noticed on the back that famed Canadian guy Ben McPeek did the arrangements and conducting. Apparently Ms. Shannon was born in Washington D.C. but grew up in Saskatoon Saskatchewan and was discovered on a Canadian television show called “Let’s Sing Out”. This album was recorded in Nashville.

Price: $1.00
Location: SPCA Thrift Store on Victoria Drive

Marti sings about birds

Marti sings about boys

32 Responses to Marti Shannon

  1. Shelagh says:

    Very cool! I’ve been searching on line for info on my mom during her singing days, and came across your site! Marti Shannon (Mary Rosalie Begg/Bryans) was an amazing singer, and its great to see her album still in circulation!

    She passed away in February of 2008 of cancer – my sister and I miss our mom dearly – but will cherish her music always!!

    • Sheila says:

      I am so sorry to learn of your mother’s death.
      We were in the same class at HMCS Cornwallis. She was a Rebel with a capital R and was always going against the rules. Her father was at the base one day and had their photo taken together. Him in his Air Force blue’s and she with her navy blue’s. She said at that time that they were always butting heads. I loved her album and was hoping to find one on line when I read your comments. I also saw her perform one night in downtown Van. at a nightclub called Isy’s and I used to run into her the odd time at Park Royal. I am sorry for your loss and she is probably singing up a storm with that great voice of her’s somewhere on the other side. Sheila

    • Bren says:

      Dear Shelagh, and your sister:

      I am saddened to hear that your mother passed away. Marti was a good friend of mine. I met her in the Maple Leaf Hotel, Timmins Ontario around the mid-1960s. Although we lost contact for several years I still had her album. My favorite cut on the album was HELP ME MAKE IT THROUGH THE NIGHT. One evening, in 1972, my partner and I were listening to a Vancouver radio station and the disc jockey played the tune. I immediately called the radio station and asked if he knew the whereabouts of Marti. As luck would have it, he told me she was doing a gig in a hotel in the Vancouver West End. My partner and I rushed down to the hotel and there she was, back on the road, strumming her Gibson and singing HELP ME…………… We invited Marti to join us at our home on Kingsway and Burnaby Avenue.

      At that time Marti was struggling to raise you two while trying to make a living on the ROAD. My partner and I took over caring for you girls in your mothers’ absence. During one of her absences I contacted a recording studio in Vancouver called Mountain (something) in Burnaby. When she arrived home from the 3 week Road Trip we went to the Studio to record some tunes. There, Marti used my Yamaha instead of her Gibson for the recording session. Shortly thereafter, my partner and I moved to the Okanagan and lost contact with you guys. I even lost Martis’ Album.

      Over the years I have spent hours and days searching recording studios, telephone books, radio stations and the internet hunting down your mother. Finally, a couple days ago, a ‘puter-wise friend helped me find you guys on YouTube. I am hoping to somehow get a copy of Martis’ Album for it will bring back so many of my found memories of your mother. If you could help me find and get Martis’ album (the real thing, not disc) I would be more than great-full.

      I trust you and your sister are doing well.

      Keep in touch.

      Bren (Sooke, Vancouver Island)

    • Martin Lager says:

      Hello, Shelagh,

      I only recently came across this site and learned of your mother’s passing back in 2008, and I wanted to add my condolences to others that you and your sister received. Although I never actually met Marti Shannon, we do have a connection in that I wrote the lyrics to the song, “Whose Little Boy Are You”. It was around 1965, as I recall, and Ben McPeek, a friend, set the lyric to music. It was the height of the civil rights movement in the United States and the words were intended to underscore the plight of young black people in the U.S. south at that time. As it turned out, that was the only song that I ever wrote that was recorded. My background is as a writer in film and television, where I’ve been active since the mid-1960’s. I recall seeing Marti Shannon perform the song on the Juliette TV show, billed as “The six-foot sound of Marti Shannon”. And I also remember seeing folksinger Judy Collins sing it on U.S. television. I was very honoured by Marti Shannon’s rendition of the song. My only regret is that I never actually got to meet her in person. But because of the song, I’ve always felt that connection. My best wishes to you and your sister, and my profound respect to your late mother.
      Best – Martin

    • Michael McCoy says:


      I by chance happend to be searching the net and came acress this on you Mom. I met your Mom when I was 16 years old and we had a friendship that lasted a number of years. I actually lived with your Mom when Shannonn was a baby in Vancouver when she tried to get her career started again. I would love to talk with you about her so if you wish please contact me —-


    • David says:

      I was watching a film this evening called Searching for Sugarman and it brought to mind your mother. I bought her album when it first came out and it has always remained a favourite. I also remember watching her on the music shows of the time. I had always hoped that she would have additional albums and I am very sorry to hear of her passing. I often play her album and remain a fan.

  2. wornhill says:

    I’m sorry to hear that your mother passed away and am glad that you found and liked the page.

  3. Myke says:

    This album brings back so many memories for me. I was absolutely in love with the songs and lyrics to this album when I was a younge teenage. I remeber I say her poster outside a club she was playing at on St Catherines street in Montreal.
    I immediately went to my apt picked up the album and waited outside the door to hear and see my idol.Serval times during her act I felt she was singing to me personally.
    I coudn’t go inside but could see her through the door.The nite paid off for me and she signed my album…Funny I still remember how kind she was…..

    • Bob R says:

      I also remember seeing Marti Shannon at that same
      club on St Catherine street, I think it was the
      Venus de milo, as close as I can remember it was
      1964, I was 21. I bought the album because I liked
      all the songs that she sang, especially “You were on
      my mind”. I had the album for a couple of years and
      then my wife donated it to the Salvation Army, I
      I wish I had a copy of it today.
      Bob R

  4. MaryAnne says:

    WOW!!!! This morning I was spending time thinking about my past. I decided to see if MARTI SHANNON was on the internet. Low and behold, there was the record cover of Marti as I remember her. When I was 18, I lived in the same roominghouse in Vancouver, as she and her boyfriend/husband did. She was a terrific person and had a powerful voice. She knew that money was an object for me and one evening treated me, as her guest, to an evening at the nightclub she was entertaining at. I will never forget that era and meeting a real lady like Marti was. I am so sorry to hear that she has passed and only wish I had tried to make contact with her before now.

  5. Hello
    Just like MaryAnne of Oct26,08’s reply I chanced another run at finding a great old pal of and found your site. I would think this is written to Shelagh and her sister.
    I also wsa a next door neighbor of Marys’. Halifax 1962 while she was still in the Royal Canadian Navy.
    We were great pals and jammed alot together. She had just started playing the guitar. The night she got the information that she would be playing on Lets Sing Out, Mary called me while I was on duty on HMCS Bonaveture from Toronto I think it was to let me know.
    The last time I saw Mary was when I picked her up in Hamilton Ontario while I was on Naval leave with my wife and we drove her to her next gig in Montreal. She was single at the time and up to her lovely heart right in the middle of becoming a hippy. Did I ever envy her. These days I am a hippy live in Peterborough Ontario and ply the hack driving thing and promote my self as a roots musician…thus the Uncle Jim thing.
    Shelagh and her lovely sister I don’t know whether your mom ever mentioned me to you guys but if any one deserves the uncle moniker t’would be this ole hippy here. About a dozen years agos I wrote a song about your mom. I’m going to lay the lyrics on you here…don’t forget we were great pals and the last time I saw her she was a free nutty sole on the leading edge of life and I thought she kind of grew up in Ottawa. I met her wonderful mother who was writing a book on limericks about the military and she asked (gramma) to do some cartoon drawings for that book which was nearly published but i think your lovely Grandmother died in a car accicent. Girls she was an astounding lady in fact Mary exemplified her mothers class when requried in the snap of a finger. My god Im long winded. Lots of stories here for you guys.

    Mary Bryans

    The least the we could hope for
    she’d be standing on some corner
    sucking on a horner
    beating out her music
    pickin tunes out of her ears

    And the music that she’d play man
    made there with her own hands
    built without no floor plan
    fanning out her memories over all these many years

    oh Mary Bryans
    Marti Shannon get cha cryin get cha crying

    (apparently the next line isn’t totally correct)

    She grew up in Ottawa
    Live there with her mom and pa
    He was top brass in the Army
    So Mary joined the Navy
    Living her life her own way

    In Halifax we were neighbors
    one day I heard her playing
    next thing I heard me saying
    Hey Mary maybe we should get together
    Maybe later on today

    Oh Mary Bryans
    Marti couldn’t get cha cryin
    get cha crying

    Last thing I heard was
    She’d got married to her Partner?
    things like that can sure get darker
    like some great huge dirty pit

    But Ary had her gonads
    She’d just get up and shake the dust off
    Sayin ‘Jim this is just old broad cloth'[
    Lookin straight in my eyes
    Shooting straight from the hip

    So if you should know her
    Tell her I’m still looking
    wonderin if she still cookin up all her stories
    with her six foot sexy sound

    I’m up here in Peterborough
    Living with my family
    never been so happy
    love to hear her stories bout all touring round

    Oh Mary Bryans
    it think that Marti did your cryin did your cryin..
    and the music she played
    she made in with her own hand
    built it with no floor plan
    just fannning out her memories over all her many
    fanning out her memeories over all her many years

    This song is on a cd I produce eight years ago
    if you go to you’ll get my site you can hear a few of my songs watch a short documentary about you uncle here and get to my blog were you can read some of my watchacallit.
    love to hear from you and your sister. you got my web site i think but i;ll put it here in case you dont JIMCOPE1942@HOTMAIL.COM
    In closing this is like a dream to find Marys roots. We were dear friends and i will always have a special place in my heart and minds eye for your mom, she was such a champion and so brave i will always love her like my own family. you guys must of had a blast. love to send you a c.d. each pls contact
    p,s. my birthday Feb 15 did she do that to me?

  6. Bren says:

    I love Marti Shannon.

    I’ve been looking all over, for 40 years, for a copy of her album.
    I met her in the Maple Leaf Hotel of Timmins Ontario, 1989.
    Would you please share with me the music of hers that you have?
    I’d love to be able to listen to marti sing, once again.
    Do you have or know of an MP3 version?

    Please respond and let’s figure something out!


    • wornhill says:

      Hi Bren – glad you found the site. There are two songs available for downloading above and if you give me a few days, I might be able to upload the whole album.

  7. Bren says:

    Thanks, Jim, for the response to my inquiry regarding Marti Shannon.
    That would be great if you could upload the album!
    I’m looking forward to playing Marti’s LP once again.
    If I can help you in any way, please don’t hesitate to ask.


  8. wornhill says:

    Thanks for all the responses to this post. As I have had a couple of requests for this, I am posting a download link at the bottom of this post for Marti’s album “You Were On My Mind”. It is a zip file that has to be expanded. If you are a family member and would like me to take down the link, please let me know and I would be happy to respect your wishes. Otherwise, I hope everyone enjoys the music from this record.

    Marti Shannon “You Were On My Mind”

    • Bren says:

      High Wornhill: Thank you very much for posting Marti Shannon’s’ album. I am listening as I keyboard. The hair on my arms standing straight up remembering the 60s&70s with Marti and her daughters. Listening NOW to AGAINST THE WIND, Bob Seger. I have hundreds of ancient 33s/45s/78s, all in original sleeves and Masters Voice leather album holders. Some of the 78s recorded one side only with artist name etched on, If you know someone who would like them, FREE OF CHARGE, (shipping cost only) let me know. Keep enjoying life and BE SAFE WHILE DOING SO. Bren

      • wornhill says:

        Hi Bren – I might be interested, would you be able to give me some idea of the titles that you have?


  9. Bren says:

    I sure will send you titles/artist names very soon. Bren

  10. Shelagh says:

    Oh my!!! I should have checked the box to notify me of responses. I just happened to be searching Marti Shannon and came across this site again. Thank you all so much for your condolences and memories of our mother.

    Michael McCoy – I am so sorry we never connected over the holidays. Xmas is a tough time for us, as it was our mother’s absolute favourite time of year. Maybe we’ll get a chance to connect sometime soon.

    Also, I have only one copy of Marti Shannon’s album, but I *may* have a few copies of the CD she had made. If anyone is interested, please feel free to email me at

  11. Cathy Hughes says:

    Like so many others, my mind wandered into my past and again as I have done many times before, I recalled the times I spent with “Mary” as I knew her, so I googled and found this site. Mary and I served at HMCS Shearwater together and were very good friends. She was young, single and no children and after she moved off the base she got herself this beautiful big dog and when she was at home she would dress herself in padded clothing and “play” with him so he could exercise. Mary frequently spent time at the home of my husband and I (both he and I were in the RCN as well) having joined ahead of your Mother. She was not recording yet but she and I frequently went to the Candlelight Lounge in Halifax where she would play her guitar and sing. I thoroughly enjoyed her voice. On Navy Day we went to Dockyard wearing out uniforms which gave us better access to touring some of the ships – some where open to the public on that day – and I recall the one time, because we were in uniform we were able to board the submarine on detached duty from England and were able to get a complete tour of the ship and were even able to remain for a couple of hours and were able to partake of the Navy issue of rum for that day (all thanks to your Mom being able to talk to the Officer of the Day). When Mary became Marti (and we had remained in touch) and she was in London, Ontario doing some shows, she got in touch with me and we were able to get together. Regretfully, before you girls were born, we did lose touch and now I am very saddened to learn of her passing and that we have lost not just a wonderful entertainer, but a wonderful person. Mary was a loyal friend and loved life and had some terrific outlooks on how to approach and live that life. I know I will continue to think of her in passing and recall the good times we shared and also some of the sad times in both our lives. She was a good friend.
    Cathy Hughes (was Reid)

  12. scottsasonic says:

    Nice comments here. Lots of great tid bits. ALthough still looking for the LP I have the 7″ single from 1966? “whose little boy are you?” and it’s got a great little Message on the B side from Marti saying “this is to the DJ’s that made this song, this is a gift to you, yaddah yaddah” ;0) anyone else heard this?

    • shelaghb says:

      Yes! It’s been loaded to youtube – maybe that was you? It was amazing to hear her voice after saying goodbye. Great song, and she sang it with passion.

  13. Ray Austin says:

    I have a large collection of albums, many of which I haven’t played in years. One of those was Marti Shannon’s album “You Were on My Mind”. I am in the process of digitizing all of my albums, (I have over 800 albums so it will take awhile) I came across her album recently, and played it and it brought back so many memories. She was such a talented gal. I wondered what became of her and checked online and came across this sight. So sorry to hear that she died. The album I have is in very good condition but not recorded in stereo.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I have the lp bought in Toronto in 1966tt

  15. Anonymous says:

    I bought the lp in Toronto in 1966

  16. Raymond drewett says:

    I bought the lp in Toronto in 1966

  17. Peter C says:

    I finally found out who this artist who did the song “don`t cry for me babe` after 30 years of searching after hearing the song on toronto FM108 golden great — I think the song DONT CRY FOR ME BABE is the greatest unknown song of all time and certainly one of the best folk rock songs of all time, I feel bad it took since 1985 to find out who this was and without knowing the artist or the song title I picked the RCA LP from the new arrivals in Leslieville used record store and cheered it was what I had been looking for for so long, Not just the record but a name of the artist and a picture on the cover to boot, Sorry it took so long to have your record Marti Shannon but Let me say you were a GENIUS

    • shelaghb says:

      She was a genius Peter – in music and just about everything else she did in life. Don’t Cry For Me Babe was written by her after a broken relationship. She also wrote War Drums also on her LP. So glad you found her album and have a chance to enjoy her amazing talent.

  18. Deedee Bohlmann says:

    I grew up in Milwaukee, Wi and aquired Marti’s album when I was 13 years old.I can not tell you how this album moved me and have had the joy of listening for the last 50 years. I still listen to it and it got me through alot of difficult timeswhen I was younger.. Still love it and am so sorry to hear of her passing. I know she has a special spot in heaven because she was heaven to me. Thank you for having this sight. It feels great to look back at all the great responses for the people she touched with her music GOD BLESS!

  19. dave verge says:

    I met your mom, back in the early seventies. I was hitch hiking up north from Vancouver me and a friend she stopped to give us a ride. We were thankful told us her name and sung a song for us Country Roads and it was good. Sorry to hear she passed away I never did forget her name and looked her up on a computer when I got one to see if she ever made it big, I guess she did, Rest her soul, I forgot she had one young daughter with her.

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