Contemporary Yukon

In the mid 1990s a whole bunch of my friends went to the Yukon and for some reason wouldn’t let me go with them. They all had a great time living in tent cities, picking mushrooms and exploring the North while I worked as a bread delivery man. I bought this to see what I missed out on. It also didn’t hurt that this record from 1981 had some good song titles like Raga Rag, Ice Crystals, Sunfall, had two weird looking guys on the back, unrecognizable label and tabla on a few songs. Thanks to the power of the internet, I was able to find out that the guy behind this record is now the mayor of Dawson City, Yukon, so take heart fledgling musicians a mayoralship is well within grasp and more than a little probable. This guy is still tooting his own musical horn on his mayor’s blog bragging that a segment of his music will be used in the opening ceremonies of the Canada Winter Games. A hallmark of success that has eluded even the most successful of our neighbourhood compatriots.

Raga Rag
(If I was John I would have told flute buddy to stay home and recorded more with tabla guy.)

Price: $4.99 (no tax)
Location: Nanaimo


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