Nice shawl.

April 28, 2008

I always buy this crap and its always crap. Maybe one day it won’t be but not today. Something in my brain continues to believe this equation: Christians + Hippie looking people and clothes = Interesting Christian Hippy Psych and or Folk. Not that it’s ever been proven true with my countless thrift store purchases.

Price: God, I hope not more than $1.
Location: At least one every time I go thrifting.

Do all Christian bands cover this?

Modern Popular Songs

April 18, 2008

Teresa Teng’s first album had been sitting around in my room for almost five years before I decided to sell it this spring. Bought in a stack of about 40 chinese records from a thrift store in Montreal-Nord. Teng quit high school to help support her father and started to gain fame with a performance of a famous song from a Shaw Brothers movie at a contest. She recorded in a number of languages including Mandarin, Cantonese, Taiwanese, English, Japanese and Indonesian. Even though a major singing star in Japan, she was deported from that country in 1979 for having entered with a fake Indonesian passport, allegedly purchased for $20,000. Teng died quite young of an asthma attack in Thailand. At her grave in Taipei there apparently is a giant electronic keyboard that one can bang out her hits with their feet.

Track 1
Track 8

Price: $1.71
Location: Village des Valeurs, Henri-Bourassa

Love Song of the Waterfall.

April 17, 2008

The great thing about Slim Whitman records is that they’re always dirt cheap. Of course lots of them blow too. The first song I really got into was Would You String Along with Me which someone put on a mixtape for me in the late 90s. Now, I’m a big fan of his 1962 album, Lonely Wanderer. Thing is he’s got a great mournful voice and falsetto but maybe doesn’t get a lot of credit since many people consider his music either terribly annoying or the epitome of safe white mediocrity. Never really buy his records at the thrift but enjoy throwing his records on when the mood strikes to listen to somebody who’s feeling (at least lyrically) really, really sorry for himself.

Price: $0.50
Location: Somewhere in Vancouver.


Journey through the Galaxy

April 13, 2008

This is on Planetarium Records from Vancouver. The planetarium was a place you would go for field trips and have star shows in elementary school. Then go back as teenagers, probably drop acid and watch laser floyd or something. I’m pretty sure that this isn’t the same cellphone rich guy Craig McCaw that set a Washington state record for a $500 million divorce settlement but former member of legendary Vancouver band the Poppy Family. I heard they played at my dad’s high school gym.

Angry bongo.

April 13, 2008

This isn’t very good.


April 13, 2008

This is my second copy of this record which is somewhat of an oddity. Released on a private record label from Richmond, BC called Revolutionary Records. The only label I’ve ever seen from this suburb. Bought the first copy from Snopek, but this came amongst a sweet Value Village haul with a bunch of Motorhead, Metalllica and punk records. This has got to be the only release on this label as I can’t imagine it selling particularly well in and around Vancouver and seems to have come out a little late when most hippies were already getting jaded in the mid to late 70s. Its mostly straight field recording all from Africa with the exception of one track from Brazil. There is an amazing song of some army guy singing an a capella song surrounded by explosions and gunfire. The cover design and photo rule pretty hard too.

Price: $1.69 plus tax

Location: Value Village at Hastings and Commercial

Jeff Foidel – I Give You My Love.

April 4, 2008

When I’m at a thrift store I can’t resist some weird looking record with the name of album and artist written in sequins. I’m too weak. Google reveals very little regarding Jeff Foidel, it’s possible he served in the US Army between 1965-8 and he could currently work at some Oregon family services outfit. That’s all I got. A lot of this record is not really my bag but what are you going to do, those sequins suckered me in.

Price: can’t remember but somewhere between $.25 and $1
Location: Central Washington thriftstore

Leave Your Chair

Gene Clark

April 3, 2008

The Byrds are alright. My dad used to have a copy of Byrds Greatest Hits that me and sis would listen to. They did a cover of that Turn,Turn,Turn song that Unitarians used to sing all the time. Clark also used to be a member of mostly crappy folk outfit New Christy Minstrels. I guess this is the only other Byrds solo project I’ve heard other than Gram Parsons. Most people like his first one from 1967 with a big picture of his face on it that got recently reissued by Sundazed or something. This one is his second album called White Light that came out in 1971.

The Virgin

Pat Hervey

April 2, 2008

I never and I mean never find anything good for records at the MCC. It’s 60% German Christian records that look completely polkaey unlistenable and then the rest is the most mediocre boring bland whitest music around. After years, I found this gem, which from the cover looks like it would fit squarely into the second category. Luckily, Sipreano bought this record on our digging trip in rural Ontario and played it for me so I knew the deal. This unassuming looking lady has some really decent soul tunes. This, her first LP of two, was recorded in Nashville and produced by famous guy Chet Atkins. Hervey also recorded another album that was co-released by RCA and CBC which doesn’t come close to this one. Eventually she moved to Vancouver and married jazz guitarist Oliver Gannon and now they have some quartet that plays jazz, which sounds like not my bag.

Price: 54 cents
Location: Mennonite Christian Charities Thrift Shop (41st and Fraser)