Pat Hervey

I never and I mean never find anything good for records at the MCC. It’s 60% German Christian records that look completely polkaey unlistenable and then the rest is the most mediocre boring bland whitest music around. After years, I found this gem, which from the cover looks like it would fit squarely into the second category. Luckily, Sipreano bought this record on our digging trip in rural Ontario and played it for me so I knew the deal. This unassuming looking lady has some really decent soul tunes. This, her first LP of two, was recorded in Nashville and produced by famous guy Chet Atkins. Hervey also recorded another album that was co-released by RCA and CBC which doesn’t come close to this one. Eventually she moved to Vancouver and married jazz guitarist Oliver Gannon and now they have some quartet that plays jazz, which sounds like not my bag.

Price: 54 cents
Location: Mennonite Christian Charities Thrift Shop (41st and Fraser)


2 Responses to Pat Hervey

  1. mattbrown says:

    ok this song doesn’t match this cover more than any record/cover combo I’ve seen. maybe it’s time for me to retire from the game… things just don’t make sense anymore

  2. Timmy says:

    Good God Almighty! This is good……………………… Uhmph!

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