Jeff Foidel – I Give You My Love.

When I’m at a thrift store I can’t resist some weird looking record with the name of album and artist written in sequins. I’m too weak. Google reveals very little regarding Jeff Foidel, it’s possible he served in the US Army between 1965-8 and he could currently work at some Oregon family services outfit. That’s all I got. A lot of this record is not really my bag but what are you going to do, those sequins suckered me in.

Price: can’t remember but somewhere between $.25 and $1
Location: Central Washington thriftstore

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6 Responses to Jeff Foidel – I Give You My Love.

  1. mattbrown says:

    i’m sure i already posted a comment for this song… from

    my chaaaaaair… sigh.

    • Anonymous says:

      That would be my Uncle Jeff and yes, he lives in portland. you may want to search Jason Foidel who has become an accomplished misician.

      • Anonymous says:

        That’s my dad. Played the Portland scene in cover bands for years. My mom was the bass player.
        Thanks for the post. Great blast from the past. 🙂

  2. mattbrown says:

    can you change that comment to something funny

  3. wornhill says:

    you change it to something funny or hotpot. hey have you ever played truth or fudge factory?

  4. mattbrown says:

    no i haven’t. although apparently i have esp and knew you were responding to my comment 3 minutes ago

    i was originally going to write about god chaaaaair, remember that guy. he was the best

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