This is my second copy of this record which is somewhat of an oddity. Released on a private record label from Richmond, BC called Revolutionary Records. The only label I’ve ever seen from this suburb. Bought the first copy from Snopek, but this came amongst a sweet Value Village haul with a bunch of Motorhead, Metalllica and punk records. This has got to be the only release on this label as I can’t imagine it selling particularly well in and around Vancouver and seems to have come out a little late when most hippies were already getting jaded in the mid to late 70s. Its mostly straight field recording all from Africa with the exception of one track from Brazil. There is an amazing song of some army guy singing an a capella song surrounded by explosions and gunfire. The cover design and photo rule pretty hard too.

Price: $1.69 plus tax

Location: Value Village at Hastings and Commercial

One Response to Revolution.

  1. mattbrown says:

    ok mcnulty so where the is the link. you best be posting it yesterday, believe

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