Love Song of the Waterfall.

The great thing about Slim Whitman records is that they’re always dirt cheap. Of course lots of them blow too. The first song I really got into was Would You String Along with Me which someone put on a mixtape for me in the late 90s. Now, I’m a big fan of his 1962 album, Lonely Wanderer. Thing is he’s got a great mournful voice and falsetto but maybe doesn’t get a lot of credit since many people consider his music either terribly annoying or the epitome of safe white mediocrity. Never really buy his records at the thrift but enjoy throwing his records on when the mood strikes to listen to somebody who’s feeling (at least lyrically) really, really sorry for himself.

Price: $0.50
Location: Somewhere in Vancouver.


2 Responses to Love Song of the Waterfall.

  1. mattbrown says:

    safe white mediocrity was my favorite hardcore band from the late 90’s. small world…

  2. mattbrown says:

    whitman is the shit, man

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