Modern Popular Songs

Teresa Teng’s first album had been sitting around in my room for almost five years before I decided to sell it this spring. Bought in a stack of about 40 chinese records from a thrift store in Montreal-Nord. Teng quit high school to help support her father and started to gain fame with a performance of a famous song from a Shaw Brothers movie at a contest. She recorded in a number of languages including Mandarin, Cantonese, Taiwanese, English, Japanese and Indonesian. Even though a major singing star in Japan, she was deported from that country in 1979 for having entered with a fake Indonesian passport, allegedly purchased for $20,000. Teng died quite young of an asthma attack in Thailand. At her grave in Taipei there apparently is a giant electronic keyboard that one can bang out her hits with their feet.

Track 1
Track 8

Price: $1.71
Location: Village des Valeurs, Henri-Bourassa


3 Responses to Modern Popular Songs

  1. mattbrown says:

    where exactly would said graveyard keyboard be located?

    hopefully near to a 711 that stocks the ingenious ice cream treat “icy pancake” because it would be good to have one of those while you play the keyboard

  2. wornhill says:


  3. mattbrown says:

    Yo where’s that graveyard, yo. time is running out

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