Butterfly Lake

I’m getting worried that I’m starting to like really bad records or reverting to liking kid’s music. I’ve tried to tell myself that Paul Masse kind of sounds like Lee Hazlewood or something respectable like that. But dude sings about teddy bears taking us on a trip in a sailing ship across marshmallow snow to see lemonade hollow is veering pretty close to raffi territory if not already well within it. Paul was 26 when he recorded this album, when I was that age I was working at an office supplies warehouse and playing in a new wave band but 1968 was a different time where people could sing about things and get it released on major labels. According to the liner notes composed by one Suzanne who there is also a song composed for Paul lives or lived in California with five chickens and a burro.

Price: $2.00
Location: This guy Rick, who’s obsessed with suing the government and lives in semi-rural Quebec.

Forever is not so long.
What you call honey, I call wheat.

One Response to Butterfly Lake

  1. mattbrown says:

    This falls on the bad side of good or the good side of bad,
    all of which is combined in the multidimensional cover art.

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