The difference between folk and psych-folk seems really confusing especially when it comes to women singers. This one is pretty folk but so is a lot of the stuff that record dudes describe as psychfolk. This lady seems mildly Christian in a way that lots of hippies went in the 70s but looks way straighter than most, perhaps even a little lesbiany with the short hair and rolled up sleeves. Not to mention the album title.But her song titles and liner notes makes you think this lady is for sure straight CC but the lyrics don’t seem annoyingly explicit like most other artists in that genre. If this record had a psychedelic drawing/painting on the cover and some hippie looking young girl it would probably be worth something.

Price: I was feeling rich from selling at the record show and dropped $8.
Location: Croatian Cultural Centre.

Before we pray.

3 Responses to Doreen

  1. mattbrown says:

    that’s a lot of dullness and boredom for $8


  2. mattbrown says:

    the lifeless ash-colored cover doesn’t really make one think of rainbows

  3. bio says:

    bio says : I absolutely agree with this !

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