After a grand taxi ride to a small village in the mountains, I looked around town for something to eat. I went in to a store to buy straight razors but the old guy had two boxes of 45s. I bought about 30 of them.

Place: Taroudannt
Price: Ten dirhams

Matt Brown version

3 Responses to Lemchaheb

  1. mattbrown says:

    For some reason I can picture about 4 or 5 the Nuces playing this. No dis on the band, or on the Nuc, though

  2. wornhill says:

    I honestly have no idea what that means or how you came to such conclusion, please elaborate.

  3. mattbrown says:

    Have you ever paddled in a canoe late at night and peered into the quiet trees of an island and seen, out of the corner of your eye, dozens, or hundreds, of the Nuces, staring back at you with wide eyes? The weird thing is, you can’t look at them directly; every time you try to focus on one, it disappears into the darkness.
    So I guess I got the idea from Nuc Island. No dis on Nuc Island, though

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