Look Over Your Shoulder

John Munro died in an automobile accident on January 11, 1969. His parents put out this record and the funds were used to establish the John Munro Memorial Teaching Scholarship at McNeese State College in Lake Charles, Louisiana. The first side is originals and the second covers. Munro looks very all american boy but with a subtle squareness and the cover photo looks suspiciously christian. It is very straight ahead folk music but he throws some neat sounding echo on his vocals on the title track. According to the liner notes he played every Friday and Saturday evening at the Harlequin Steak House. The university’s website outlines how it changed from an english teaching scholarship to a music scholarship which seemed appropriate. Strangely it has now been changed to the department of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science. The steak house is still there.

Price: Can’t remember but from looking at the cover not more than $2.00
Location: America

An Empty Road Behind Love
An Empty Road Behind Love (Trasheye)

2 Responses to Look Over Your Shoulder

  1. mattbrown says:

    The alternate title sounds pretty cool. Can you do a version where you overdub your voice whispering “Trasheye” after every phrase? Don’t forget to drench in reverb.

  2. mattbrown says:

    Bring on some more rockin’ Moroccan!

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