On my way to buy this 45 I was on a train sitting across from a younger guy. We had a pleasant small talk in french which gradually led to him trying to convert me to Sunni Islam. I never knew that orthodox muslim men weren’t allowed to wear gold and silk in this world, only in paradise. Then he tried to convince me that George W. Bush was a Jew.

Alef Leila oua Leila

5 Responses to Eddaka

  1. mattbrown says:

    1. I learned an invaluable lesson during my time on the baseball team.

    Why did you bother taking this table home? It’s valueless.

    3. The athletes from different countries raced against each other for the gold medal.

    6. In this movie, the character gambles all his money on a poker game.

    7. I like to bet on sports games, even though it’s risky.

    8. The new medicine for this disease carries its own price: it sometimes has side serious effects.

    9. This song is pretty dope.

  2. mattbrown says:

    [edit: serious side effects]

  3. mattbrown says:

    I know it seems fair to punish my crappy comments, but silence is the worst kind of emotional violence and leaves scars that won’t heal

  4. mattbrown says:

    were his arguments persuasive, by the way?

  5. wornhill says:

    i was still deciphering your cryptogram to respond appropriately. in other news i gotta say his arguments weren’t really persuasive but maybe if my french was better i could have understood all the “great” points he was making about sharia law and saudi arabia.

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