A dreamworld of puppets and papier mache.

It’s hard to resist buying records that have photos of the singer with boss 70s moustache and wardrobe superimposed over a nice looking railroad trestle.

The first album by Dave Baker entitled Kettle Valley Line came out in 1973 on Stamp Records. Baker’s from B.C. and is still active today putting out music. The record is kind of country but a little better than your average especially since they are all original compositions so it kind of has a singer songwriter vibe too. There are all sorts of topical songs about BC like Vancouver Island, West Coast Logger Saga and the title track. The liner notes claim that: “It is the ambition of every songwriter to put into words and music his emotions, his experiences and his way of life. DAVID EDMUND BAKER, a native of Vancouver Island, reveals, in this his first album, apersonal sensitivity towards life itslef yet at the same time captures the spirit of the West Coast.” Over the course of his career he released three vinyl records and had three singles chart nationally. He is recently retired from his job as an executive at a pulp and paper engineering consultant. Baker currently lives in Maple Ridge where Marti Shannon (also featured on this site) was residing before she died earlier this year.

Price: $1.00 or less.
Location: Local thrifting.

The Pain Lingers On

2 Responses to A dreamworld of puppets and papier mache.

  1. mattbrown says:

    Just when he sang the word “cherished” I read the same word on the page I was looking at. And that’s been happening a lot recently … why?

  2. wornhill says:

    have you seen the matrix?

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