Burning, Burning

I will buy any turkish record from the 70s for a dollar or less. And I bought a bunch of stinkers the other day this way but there was a couple decent ones. This one is my favourite from the bunch. It is Turkish singer Ayla Algan singing the sufi poetry of Yunus Emre. The record was produced by the Ministry of Tourism and Information of Turkey as a celebration of the 650th anniversary of the death of Emre. According to the extensive liner notes in three languages (english, french and german) Emre was a contemporary of Rumi. Emre, a peasant, however, instead of writing in Persian, the literary language of the time wrote his devotional poetry in Turkish. Algan is accompanied by Cemil Demirspipahi playing the tamboura, who plays some pretty sweet solos. The interesting thing is that all the songs are translations from Turkish. Side one is all in French except for the last track in German and side two is all in English except for the final track in Turkish.

Place: Little Burgundy thrift
Price: $1.00

Burning Burning
Come let’s go


3 Responses to Burning, Burning

  1. mattbrown says:

    Burning burning is pretty heavy heavy.
    Is it “Burning Burning” or “Burning, Burning”? The former is obviously heavier

  2. Peter MacRaild says:

    I like this one. I got nakes, lit a black candle, and danced very slowly to it.

  3. wornhill says:

    That would make a pretty dope music video for this song.

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