October 28, 2008

This record came out in 1980 on the small quebec label called Intervalle. Shawi is Jean Gignac, Jean Cournoyer and Marcel Lord. It seems probable that the 2 guys on the covers are the guitar player/singers and the drummer doesn’t get a picture. These guys seem to be ungoogleable and it’s mainly pages concerning the Berber language shawi. However, according to the inner lyric sleeve and my heavily flawed french to english translation.


Native word, signifiying “Portage”
Portage of a canoe, of luggage,
a message, energy

Portage also means
passage from one place to another,
from a known dimension
to a new dimension
to the discovery of new
horizons, in a world always
in evolution for the better.

Man, I wonder how much these guys hippies vibe’s were harshed with the arrival of the 1980s, needless to say that their acoustic guitar bongo jam out probably didn’t do too well. But, in the land of poutine, I wouldn’t be surprised if they were playing sold out shows at place des arts in the midst of everybody else in North America jamming to Hall and Oates or Lionel Richie (or tomorrow).

Price: Under $2.00
Location: Thrifting

La Nouvelle
browntown version

Idy Lynn

October 23, 2008

I bought this 45 at the dump, it was in a dresser droor filled with store stock columbia country 45s from the 60s and 70s. I was hoping for some Roger Rodier but ended up with this. Unfortunately, I can’t find out a single thing about her from the old internet.

Listen: Children of the Flower Song

Listen: Up In My Mind