Idy Lynn

I bought this 45 at the dump, it was in a dresser droor filled with store stock columbia country 45s from the 60s and 70s. I was hoping for some Roger Rodier but ended up with this. Unfortunately, I can’t find out a single thing about her from the old internet.

Listen: Children of the Flower Song

Listen: Up In My Mind


11 Responses to Idy Lynn

  1. mattbrown says:

    not sure if these mp3s are working help me jesus

  2. wornhill says:

    i just downloaded them, seem to work okay. you just have to get past all the annoying ads on zshare.

  3. Anonymous says:

    “children” file is expired but “up in my mind” is great, her singing sounds opiated. way to take a chance on a dream by buying a scratchy 45 at the dump. unless the cover is attractive in which case please to post pic

  4. wornhill says:

    if the above comment isn’t matt brown, then who? lars? jen mailley, please identify.
    i will try and repost “children” tonight or tomorrow, not quite as good a little cheesier but still quite decent.

  5. Kurg says:

    I have not been able to find out much myself. Every time I see a copy of this record I pick it up. Up In My Mind will just make you melt. I want to say this was prodcuced by the same Abner Spector of Tuff Records. Have tried corresponding with them but have not found much out as of yet.

    • wornhill says:

      Yeah – Up In My Mind rules. Thanks for sharing the info and please keep me updated if you glean any information.

      • Kurg says:

        I meant to also say I have seen 3 versions of this single. The most common seems to be the Promo, white label with red lettering from Columbia, that has Children of the Flower Song on both be careful when buying. The second is the same as above, but has both songs with Up In My Mind as the B-side. The third is a Columbia orange label with black text,
        I believe this was released overseas, but not sure.

  6. Jeffers66 says:

    “Up In My Mind” was a cover/remake of a Wayne Cochran record on Chess, that Abner Spector did. Wayne’s version had a few more psychedelic effects than Idy’s, but both are really cool.

  7. Timmy says:

    Great find! really top singer………

  8. Robert says:

    Anyone know who the singer is on this? Would like to know

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