Idy Lynn

I bought this 45 at the dump, it was in a dresser droor filled with store stock columbia country 45s from the 60s and 70s. I was hoping for some Roger Rodier but ended up with this. Unfortunately, I can’t find out a single thing about her from the old internet.

Listen: Children of the Flower Song

Listen: Up In My Mind

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  1. mattbrown says:

    not sure if these mp3s are working help me jesus

  2. wornhill says:

    i just downloaded them, seem to work okay. you just have to get past all the annoying ads on zshare.

  3. Anonymous says:

    “children” file is expired but “up in my mind” is great, her singing sounds opiated. way to take a chance on a dream by buying a scratchy 45 at the dump. unless the cover is attractive in which case please to post pic

    • Anonymous says:

      I know a lot about Idy Lynn. She’s been my oldest and dearest friend for 49 years. You can contact me at please put Idy Lynn in the subject line. She lives in San Diego.

  4. wornhill says:

    if the above comment isn’t matt brown, then who? lars? jen mailley, please identify.
    i will try and repost “children” tonight or tomorrow, not quite as good a little cheesier but still quite decent.

  5. Kurg says:

    I have not been able to find out much myself. Every time I see a copy of this record I pick it up. Up In My Mind will just make you melt. I want to say this was prodcuced by the same Abner Spector of Tuff Records. Have tried corresponding with them but have not found much out as of yet.

    • wornhill says:

      Yeah – Up In My Mind rules. Thanks for sharing the info and please keep me updated if you glean any information.

      • Kurg says:

        I meant to also say I have seen 3 versions of this single. The most common seems to be the Promo, white label with red lettering from Columbia, that has Children of the Flower Song on both be careful when buying. The second is the same as above, but has both songs with Up In My Mind as the B-side. The third is a Columbia orange label with black text,
        I believe this was released overseas, but not sure.

    • Anonymous says:

      I know a lot about Idy Lynn. She’s been my oldest and dearest friend for 49 years. You can contact me at please put Idy Lynn in the subject line. She lives in San Diego.

  6. Jeffers66 says:

    “Up In My Mind” was a cover/remake of a Wayne Cochran record on Chess, that Abner Spector did. Wayne’s version had a few more psychedelic effects than Idy’s, but both are really cool.

  7. Timmy says:

    Great find! really top singer………

  8. Robert says:

    Anyone know who the singer is on this? Would like to know

  9. Ida Spector aka Idy Lynn says:


    I am Idy Lynn, born Ida Lynn and nicknamed Idy Lynn. I am indeed the daughter of Abner Spector who passed away September 3, 2010 in Miami Beach. Producing and writing for his own TUFF record label distributed by CHESS in the early 1960s, my Dad is best known for his number 1 Cashbox Hit “SALLY GO ‘ROUND THE ROSES,” by the JAYNETTS and less for an earlier hit “SMOKEY PLACES” by the Corsairs. “SALLY” spent six weeks at the top of the charts knocked out of place by another Spector named Phil, of no relation, with “BE MY BABY.” Later, artist, Grace Slick and The GREAT SOCIETY, performed their own unique version of “SALLY.”

    Originally from Chicago, it was in NY that I went behind the mic in my Dad’s studio located next to CBS’ Ed Sullivan Studios in Manhattan, for the first time at the tender age of 13 to sing lead for a group I named the PATTY CAKES in keeping with the nursery rhyme mode of “SALLY.” The song was a hit in some major cities, entitled “I UNDERSTAND THEM,” a love song to the BEATLES written, published and produced by my Father and inspired by my own teenage obsession with the group. The PATTY CAKES were neither a girl group nor a group of girls, It was myself as lead singer with back up vocals performed by the JAYNETTS, the trio of girls known for “SALLY.” By the way, only these three ladies were the vocals on “SALLY” to put any rumors to rest that suggest otherwise.

    “I UNDERSTAND THEM” afforded me the opportunity to see the Beatles at NY’s then Idlewild Airport in the press box via Dad’s connections. Unfortunately, the press conference was canceled due to a growing and unruly crowd. But I did get to witness the Beatles up close boarding their jet. I vividly recall them having the shiniest hair I had ever seen! It was the thrill of a lifetime and my Dad caught it all on the old fashioned sans audio reel to reel celluloid.

    “I UNDERSTAND THEM” nearly got me back stage at a Righteous Brothers concert with the head of my fan club, friend and fellow cheerleader, Arlene. I say nearly, when in fact it was more akin to “hardly” and the subject of a rather odd and humorous story. When the burly, NY security guard outside behind the concert hall learned from Arlene that I was a PATTY CAKE, he did not skip a beat and sharply replied, “Oh,Yeah! If she’s a PATTY CAKE, then I’m a cream puff! Now get the Hell out of here!!” He cut right at the heart of our young teenage innocence. On the brighter side of it all, front row tickets at the awesome Righteous Brothers concert was more than a consolation prize and got me hooked on front row seating.

    In 1966 the family moved from NY back to our roots in Chicago where Dad also produced in the later 1960’s such acts as Muddy Waters and Wayne Cochran for Chess Records. Southern Wayne was often at our Chicago home..Chess Recording Studios was the hub for the ROLLING STONES at the time, who quickly took to Marshall Chess, the son of founder Leonard Chess. I recall my Dad teasing me one day with a call telling me that the STONES were in the studio, full well knowing I had no way to get down there last minute!! That was Abner!!. Leonard Chess was not only my Dad’s business partner but they were best of friends. After the sudden loss of Leonard, followed closely by the untimely death of his youngest daughter, Susie, and then his older daughter, Elaine, I relocated along with my Father to southern California. It was in Hollywood that my Dad landed a contract for me as a solo artist to write and record an album with him for Columbia records with Dad as sole producer. “Up In My Mind” was created out of that project.

    Revetta Chess, widow of Leonard Chess, many years later after losing her second husband, traveled to Los Angles where, by a twist of fate, she met up with my Dad. They ended up marrying in a Chicago ceremony and relocated for the summers near me in San Diego. They spent winters in Revetta’s Miami Beach home. After Revetta’s sad passing on December 17, 1983, exactly to the day that her eldest daughter, Elaine,had much earlier passed. That day, I also lost a good deal of my Dad, for he would not return again to San Diego except for an occasional short visit. My heart was double heavy while my closest friend, Patrick, and I packed up boxes of my Dad’s and Revetta’s possessions. Fortunately, and thanks to my dear sister, Laura, I still have many boxes of my Dad’s music. My affection for Revetta was such that my only child is named after a combination of both Revetta and my Dad’s Mom, Anna. Thus the world now has perhaps its only, Revanna Lynn. Revanna was quite excited when she not too long ago saw the film, “Cadillac Records,” which featured a small role for Revetta – though the casting did not well capture the vibrant, red haired, green eyed, Revetta.

    Lona Stevens, who is given credit as writer of most of my Dad’s music, is my beautiful, loving Mother, who though very talented and who sang the most amazing harmonies, actually did no composing. However, she was in her own right, a radio and nightclub featured singer with the big bands of Benny Goodman, Bob Strong, Tommy and Jimmy Dorsey, etc. mainly in Chicago. But Lona also traveled by train performing with these Big Bands all across the country, including entertaining our troops and was a pin up girl for USO. However, it was in their hometown of Chicago, at a venue known as The Glass Hat in Chicago’s historical Congress Hotel, that my Mom and Dad met through one of the big band musicians playing for my Mom. His name was Sammy Porfirio, and as fortune would have it, he who also happened to know my Dad. At that time my Abner was in A&R, as well as working in music publishing and honing his song writing skills. Mom was a gutsy, driven lady with an impeccable work ethic. Still a hot ticket, Lona would return to her singing roots nearly 20 years later post her divorce from my Dad, headlining for upscale Chicago hotels under Lona Stevens and A TOUCH OF CLASS, her band, garnering many loyal fans. Lona was indeed a class act!! Our beloved Mom, Lona Stevens, gently passed away in her sleep in Mesa, Arizona just ten days shy of her 91st birthday on January 17, 2016, with her three surviving children by her side.

    Abner and Lona quickly fell into a whirlwind romance, married and had four children of which I am the eldest. Second born, and the most charismatic and talented in the family with a sharp wit that could match that of any pro improv comic, whose personality, good looks and piercing yellow cat eyes made the the girls scream and swoon, was my younger brother, Sherwin. His Bands SPARKLE and then SPECTOR were famous in Chicago’s Yellow Brick Road and Thirsty Whale Bars and in the entire midwest circuit in the 1970’s. Artists such as Cheap Trick and Chaka Khan opened for the headliner SPECTOR. A decade earlier in 1960’s NY, Sherwin and Steven Tallarico aka Steve Tyler, and my upper classmate at Walt Whitman Jr High in Yonkers, NY, were buddies in rival bands sharing their love of rock music. They were the cool guys!

    Steven was voted most talented by his very intuitive classmates one year at Whitman. I still,have the yearbook wherein I was merely a cheerleader. However, “I UNDERSTAND THEM” caught Tallarico’s attention one day after it aired on a NYC local radio station, Wolfman Jack may have been the DJ, where it won a newly released song contest, simply because all my friends jammed the lines and voted for it. A Beach Boys song lost that contest, but of course later went on to become a smash hit!! Steven approached me the next morning in my history class and said, “Hey, I heard you made a record.” I could only nod, yes, stunned that the popular Tallarico was talking to me!!

    Sherwin was gunned down in 1993. The city of Chicago mourned as it made the local news while fans came out in droves to pay their individual and collective respects. Tyler sent his condolences directly to the youngest of us, my gorgeous sister, Laura. Some years back Laura had met Steve backstage at one of his concerts in Chicago, an arrangement bestowed upon her by big brother, Sherwin. Sherwin’s shocking murder remains unsolved, and his death a tragic loss to our family and the world of music.

    My younger brother, David, played drums in Sherwin’s Chicago bands and later became writer for and lead singer in his own bands, going on to act, perform and compose theme songs for Hollywood movies such as “Hardbodies” and singing in national commercial radio ads. David’s voice is by far the best in the family while his classically handsome looks never escaped the girls. My friends saw it when he was just a boy.. And in reciprocity style, young David had a kid crush on my teenage friend, Arlene!!

    More and even bigger talent may be on the horizon with my sweet sister’s, son and my adorable nephew, Lofton Shaw, who is already a dream boy playing the role of Chad the “Hopeless Bromantic”
    and more for Disney’s Dreamworks with a large on line presence. Lofton was recently cast in an upcoming Marvel TV series, landing the role of the young/child super hero, Black Bolt. He is fortunate to be filming in the paradise of Hawaii, but in the heart and spirit of an ordinary kid, his favorite part of this gig is lovin’ his costumes! The series will air this fall first premiering in theaters and then on TV. Break a leg, Lofton!

    Now you have more info than that for which you likely bargained and certainly a more accurate accounting than all of the false info posted on Wikipedia and the Web, especially with respect to my Mom, Dad and “SALLY.”. I sincerely thank you for your interest and the undeserving, though much appreciated, flattery of which I was just made aware. It is certainly a pleasant surprise and a privilege for which I am most grateful .These were the best and most special of times, robustly teeming with inexplicable joy and unadulterated vigor and excitement that I wholly treasure, “up in my mind!”

    Your kind and complimentary words have brought me back to this nostalgic time and are the very essence of the inspiration for this rather lengthy diatribe or introduction, if you will. At this point you may well be pontificating, and justifiably so, one of Abner Spector’s favorite, sarcastic lines, “How can I buy back this introduction?”

    God Bless and hope you enjoy the links below, some of which I only recently discovered.:

    Link to listen to “I UNDERSTAND THEM” on youtube:

    (Neither Zel Sanders nor Lona Stevens co-authored this song.
    It was all my Dad, Abner Spector, being generous.)

    Link to listen to Grace Slick performing “SALLY” on youtube:

    Link to listen to “SMOKEY PLACES” on youtube:

    Link to demo of my own more recent music with a photo:
    (Am also on Linked In under Dr. Ida L. Spector)
    “LIKE A SMOOTH RED WINE” is the only song fully produced.
    Much of my own and my father’s works remain only on paper.

    Link to listen to Sherwin Spector with Tommy Shaw of STYX:

    Link to “HARDBODIES” theme song with David Spector vocals:

    Links to photos of Lona Stevens:

    Links to view Lofton Shaw including videos on youtube:

    • wornhill says:

      WOWWWW!!!!!! Thank you so much for all the information!!! I love your song “Up In My Mind” so much!!!! Sorry I rarely check this blog or update it.

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