Songs of Faith – Wings of Faith

December 6, 2008


This is a compilation of sacred country songs released on the Audio Lab label in the late 1950s. This was a budget subsidiary of King Records that label owner Syd Nathan started in 1959 and released a bunch of albums mainly compilations of 78s over the next three years. This was the fourth release on the label. It was purchased because it included the track “There’s a Leak in this Old Building” by Brother Claude Ely who is one of the greatest white pentecostal singers.

For this update the track “Wings of Faith” by Tommy Magness was selected. It has some pretty strange sounding vocals. Magness got one of his first concerts playing local celebrations at a hardware store in Georgia. He was a country star in the late 40s and was renowned as Tennessee champion hoe-down fiddler and recording although unreleased the first version of country favourite Orange Blossom Special. He appeared in a few movies, made some appearances with Roy Acuff and his band.

This cut was from his very last recording session in Cincinnati on March 6th, 1951 where they recorded 4 gospel cuts that were released on 78 by Federal (another King subsidiary). Label owner Nathan wanted to release them as Reno & Smiley records as they were starting to gain popularity and Tommy Magness was just beginning a rest of his life slide into obscurity.

Wings of Faith
There’s a Leak in this Old Building

Price: 49 cents
Location: Fripe-Prix Jean Talon