Keith Abler – Pilgrim

April 18, 2009


This record came out in 1975 and was recorded in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Seems like there was some dispute about publishing or copyright since on the back that info is crossed out with a marker and replaced with a stamp that says © 1975 Keith Abler and then handwritten in ballpoint pen on the labels. Keith was/is a member of Sunblind Lion that was on the same label, Homegrown Records which is based in Plymouth, Wisconsin. 8 of the 12 songs on Pilgrim were co-written by Dellger who is probably Mike Dellger who drummed for Sunblind Lion as well as their earlier band, Love Society. The music is mellow 70s vibes that are sometimes brilliant sometimes a little over the top. Not for everybody.

There is a jokey biography written about Keith here:

From the looks of their website, these guys have been friends and playing music together for around 40 years. It’s pretty heartwarming stuff. Here’s some of the highlights.

Sunblind Lion.
Love Society.
Here’s them outside the studio during the Pilgrim recording session.

Location: Birmingham, Alabama record store.
Price: One dollar.

Listen to Summer Song at Dawn