Had high expectations for this record with titles like Medieval Mist, Dance on the Wind and most of all Space Rendezvous. But Jon “Noj” Bernoff and Marcus Allen keep it really mellow with their vibes and piano record. The back liner notes offer some insights:
What is this
Dance of the

It is movement….
It is stillness….

or Soothing instrumental music for those moments alone or with someone you love.

The album was released in 1980 on Rising Sun Records from Mill Valley, California which was kind of a hotbed for new age music in the late 70s, early 80s. Apparently Marcus Allen also did an album which somebody on some weird website describes as awesome. Its called “Petals” with Teja Bell. The website is called All Experts and if you have any new age music questions you can ask Roger Greer host of KXCI’s Brainwaves from Tucson, Arizona.

The title track ends the album and at least they leave you on the heaviest that they go. Which isn’t much but its something. Take a listen.
Breathe (Excerpt)

Price: $1
Location: Mount Hood Thrift

2 Responses to Breathe

  1. wrighty poo says:

    hey dubs, marcus allen was a running back for the l.a. raiders… musician ohhh

  2. Matthew Alexander Trasheye says:

    although not officially a raiders track, it is noticeably raiders-esque

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