Marlene Moore Brown

This lady plays the piano. Three of the four tracks on this album from 1984 were composed in Surrey or Langley. Brown is also the author of two children’s books. This album was dedicated to Brown’s friend and teacher the late Glenn Gould. Bought this mainly on the sweet 80s make-up job and the fact that she played original pieces. But as probably the most ignorant when it comes to classicalish solo piano, sounds alright to me. Jennie said this sounded a little Twin Peaksish.

Rhapsody No. 4 in C Major

Price: 99 cents
Location: Just down the street from Harmony Donuts.

One Response to Marlene Moore Brown

  1. Matthew Alexander Trasheye says:

    I think her timing is off. Either that or I’m drunk

    and I ain’t drunk

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