Penn Kings – I Love the Sea

There was a fella selling records out of a van that it appeared he might live in. Most of it not terribly interesting to me, but these guys looked pretty cool. The Penn Kings are a three piece that recorded in Vancouver and privately released this record “As We Are” on their own P.K. Records (Catalog #RR166309). No date anywhere on the record but looks 1970s sometime. The band consists of Brian Swanson – Keyboards & Harmony, Graham Edney – Guitar & Lead Vocals and Lance Ruggles – Percussion. The band photo appears to have been taken at Stanley Park at the lookout which is a totally popular place for grad and wedding photos. Graham Edney used to be a member of local Vancouver bands The City Blues and The State Street Blues Band during the late 1960s. He also might have gone to the same high school as me and later become a grocery owner with his brother.

My favorite track has sort of a Poppy Family vibe to it.

I Love the Sea

Price: $1
Location: Commercial Drive Garage Sale


4 Responses to Penn Kings – I Love the Sea

  1. Mark English says:

    I thought you might be interested in a some background on this band and its members.

    I went to high school with Lance Ruggles. This was in the late sixties… we graduated in ’72. We both played in the High School band… Lance played flute (and very well I might add) Together with other members of the band, all of whom were good friends, we formed a group we called “The Backwoods Brass” We were all into the Tijuana Brass at the time, and one of our group was an exceptionally talented trumpet player (Tony Baker) so the connection with the music of the Tijuana Brass was a natural.

    At that time, the school band did not own a trap drum set… and we didn’t have a drummer. We used to prop marching band tom-toms and in waste baskets and similarly cobble together the working basics of a drum set, and a few of us tried to “fill in”. None us were any good. Then Lance sat down, and and the rest of us had to pick our jaws off the floor. The man was a complete natural… he had the uncanny ability to have each of his hands and feet doing something completely different rhythmically… and he had an extremely well developed sense of rhythm right from the start. A completely virtuoso drummer.

    Brian Swanson was quite a bit older than the rest of us, probably in his early twenties at the time we were in our upper years at high school. He played in locally jazz dance band with our band instructor, and was a common fixture around the band room at the school, where he mentored along a few of us less talented musicians.

    Didn’t Graham Edney at all

    The picture on the record cover was actually taken in Gibsons, BC (where we went to school) up on a point known as Gospel Rock, overlooking Keats Island and the east side of Howe Sound in the distance.

    I’ve lost track of everyone from our band, save the tenor sax player who is a high school music teacher in Richmond, BC. Tony joined the Army and hasn’t been heard from since. Our bass player was killed in an auto accident in the late seventies. The rest…. no idea what they are up to now.

  2. wornhill says:

    cool, thanks a lot for the info. great to hear a whole bunch of the interesting history.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hey I just found this post, I had this song on a mixtape once and loved it, is there any chance you can send me the mp3 the link seems to be dead.

  4. Tim Raw says:

    Hi fellow Gibsoner here. I have this album also. The pic wa taken on the Bluff by the looks of the grass and Keats in the background. I believe Brian is still up on the coast. Grahams dad Ken owned the grocery store in lower gibsons for eons.
    I will try to record it if the sound is ok i will post it in FLAC and Mp3

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