Jack Schechtman

I’m really into this even though I’m sure its probably totally crappy. According to Billboard’s January 13th issue from 1973, Mike Watson of Columbia Records threw Jack Schechtman a party, big news in the music world. Schechtman was originally from Toronto but may have moved to the US to try and pursue a music career. The internet is remarkably uninformative when it comes to Schechtman. There’s some real cornball stuff on this album but I’m into the mood of Cherry Mountain.

On Cherry Mountain

Price: Cheap
Location: Somewhere in Portland, Crossroads maybe.


9 Responses to Jack Schechtman

  1. Lausa says:

    Now, Warren! Cherry Mountain is the mood I am always into! Great song. Is that record all corny & depressive? If so, think of me if you come unto another copy… Thank for sharing, as always.


  2. How can I get in touch with Jack? An old friend from Toronto.

    • Jay Linden says:

      He was in Toronto doing a show last night at a small room called the Free Times Cafe. I played guitar for Jack for a couple of years in the 70s. He’s looking good, sounding great, and it was a really joyful night (Allan Soberman played guitar and bass with him last night, just like old times, and Brent Titcomb also sat in on percussion and did a few of his own songs.). Jack’s living in California and working as a rabbi. You can probably find him on Facebook as something like Rabbi Jack Schechtman Gabriel.

  3. wornhill says:

    Don’t know how to get in touch with Jack, but if you do tell him I really like Cherry Mountain.

  4. Wolfhound2000 says:

    I got this album early in the 70’s and played it to death. I just can’t seem to find it anywhere on the net in digital form. Surely someone should have it available as an album to purchase?!?

  5. tiffanykites says:

    There are jack schechtman recordings on concertvault.com

  6. Jay Linden says:

    Just seven months later … Jack showed up unannounced and unexpected at a little gig I did in Toronto a couple of months ago — he was in town, walking by, saw my name on the chalkboard and wandered in. Was great to see him. Between sets, we just hang around in the venue and Jack took my guitar and played a few. Just like old times, except we’re both a little greyer 40 years on.

  7. Does anyone know if he wrote all of the tracks on his 1972 self-titled LP?

    • Anonymous says:

      He wrote them all. Jack sometimes sings other people’s songs (and sometimes traditional songs), but he’s written a lot of his own.

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