Dugg Clark – EP

This is from Lewiston, Idaho and was released in 1980. There’s a little junk shop in Estacada, Oregon with a life sized wooden sasquatch at the door saying shoplifters will be eaten. The owner is surly in a trying to be funny kind of way, for some reason they have a bunch of copies of this.

To The End
Track Four

Price: $0.50 each
Location: Estacada

6 Responses to Dugg Clark – EP

  1. skinny puppies says:

    Reminds me of a store where a sasquatch just sits there in an easy chair and gives guff to the clientele.

  2. d v clark says:

    hi everyone, i’m dugg clark aka d v clark. there is a fair bit of my stuff floating around the portland metro area. in the mid nineties i dumped off my last 100 copies of the wonder ep to an eastside salvation army in portland. a couple of years later i found most of them in a used book store on s.e. powell. i also unloaded about 500-600 copies of my 3rd release from 1997 called “home movies” (13 tracks on cd). there are also some copies of my 2nd release from 1988 on tombstone that where moved through the locals only outlet at that time. “to the end of” was recorded on may 18 1980 (mt st helens eruption). i was living in pendleton at the time and was friends with the studio owner in lewiston id who charged me about $1100 for a 1000 copies taken from two sessions of recording (1980 and 1981). most copies have a hand painted cover except the 100 i dumped off in portland. currently i live in spokane.

    • wornhill says:

      Hey Dugg – thanks very much for the comment and filling in the story behind this record. Really cool. Any chance you have extra covers kicking around? What does the 2nd release sound like? Released on vinyl?

      • d v clark says:

        hi wornhill, i don’t have any of the covers left to the ep. in fact, i only have two copies in plain sleeves. for the most part i am disappointed in the 2nd release. it’s not that i didn’t have better material. it was that i made poor choices for the release. it wasn’t enough to write and produce the recording , but, i needed to be a better critic as to what was important and wasn’t. i feel that way about the ep as well. i personally feel my best work starts with “home movies” released dec 1997. there are recordings on it that were available during the time i released “vanity press” but were not used. let me know if you’d like a copy of “go under” (2004 release) i still have about 400 left.
        till then
        d v clark

  3. A few copies of the Cheater’s Alibi/Strangest Cats, etc. EP are floating around radio stations in La Grande (KEOL-FM, KLBM-AM). In the end days of the Godwyn Station (???) record store in Pendleton, I went in one day and merely asked the clerk what would be some cool local music to buy, and they suggested the last CD you did, so I bought one.

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