Elpida Karayiannopoulou

September 16, 2010

Elpida is the greek word for hope. This is her second record from 1973. She has represented both Greece and Cyprus for the Eurovision Song Contest finishing 8th for Greece (1979) and last for Cyprus (1986). Most of this record is pretty straightforward but this song has some cool sounding keyboards.

Price: $2.95
Location: House of Records

Taxa Ti Zhotyn

Kenny Laursen

September 4, 2010

The caricature drawing cover of this looks like its going to be pretty bad, but there’s a couple of alright tracks. I think his originals are stronger but they were probably less popular in the club. The Bull Never Wins is decent. According to google Mr. Laursen used to sing at a club in Reno and now owns a video company in Las Vegas.

Price: couple of bucks
Location: Eugene?

Bull Never Wins
Just Wasn’t Meant to Be

Glennda Prunty Beck

September 2, 2010

I wish I was better at resisting this type of stuff at thrift stores, I would be rich. It might be that so many of the private press custom records releases are so bad that i like this one because it’s not so so terrible.
I’m glad that Glennda has separated her folk and hymn songs by side, so I can easily never listen to the hymns. Some of her folk songs have an odd charm about them that can be sweet. Four Strong Winds and 500 Miles any versions are usually pretty great, maybe they both have such a great mournful vibe that is hard to fuck up. These tracks are simple which helps, just Glennda’s voice and a ukulele?

Price: $1-2
Location: Portland thrifting

500 Miles

Four Strong Winds

War Song