Kenny Laursen

The caricature drawing cover of this looks like its going to be pretty bad, but there’s a couple of alright tracks. I think his originals are stronger but they were probably less popular in the club. The Bull Never Wins is decent. According to google Mr. Laursen used to sing at a club in Reno and now owns a video company in Las Vegas.

Price: couple of bucks
Location: Eugene?

Bull Never Wins
Just Wasn’t Meant to Be

5 Responses to Kenny Laursen

  1. Anonymous says:

    Can’t believe you bought this, with that cover, but it’s not bad!

  2. Teri Silveroli says:

    I’m not sure that any album can be as good as the artist himself. Kenny was a fabulous entertainer. I saw him in Newport Beach and Las Vegas. Hysterical!

  3. Rj Briggs says:

    I have a couple of his albums. He was a great performer. I wish he was still performing. Just as Teri, I saw him many times in Newport Beach, Ca at the Rueben E Lee.(now gone)

  4. Ron Tennant says:

    Kenny sang in 1959 at a Tucson club, La Jolla. Also on the bill was guest Jett Powers. He later became famous as P.J.Proby & he’s still going strong. Love to hear Kenny’s thoughts & memories of Jett.

  5. Jett Powers, AKA PJ Proby, AKA Jimmy Smith was a wonderful singer and entertainer in 1959. I was in the house band and he performed for two weeks at the La Jolla. We shared a bungalow during that time at a motel across the street. He left behind a beautiful red sweater with leather patches on the elbows. I kept it with my stuff for many years until it dissapeared with the rest of my clothes in a divorce from my second wife. I saw him a few years later in Hollywood at agent Gale McConkey’s office. He had a martini in one hand and three starlets clinging to him. I knew he was going to change his name because, one day after seeing it on the club marquee he looked at me and drawled, “Jett Powers … looks like a gasoline.” Kenny Laursen – Las Vegas. 2014

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