The F.A.B. Company

I don’t know what Watermelon was a king’s delight means. This group named themselves after their initials. Cool – I was in a “gang” in sixth grade called the KW JETS (Ken Chidlow, Warren Hill, James Allen, Esmond Holowaty, Tony Lucas and Steve Godfrey).

Price: $0.49 half price books
Location: Seattle area.


2 Responses to The F.A.B. Company

  1. Anonymous says:

    I think it means that a youth’s enjoyment of watermelon is a pleasure as rich and gratifying as any a king could hope for.

    The M.A.B. Brownaly

  2. Patrick Hook says:

    i congratulate your gang for sidestepping the possible moniker “KJ WETS.” That would have been way less cool.

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