Johnny Baker

Many people in music are concerned with realness. I’m not really but from the cover photos on his three records that currently live in my room, it appears that Mr. Baker was a pretty impressive rodeo cowboy. It was nice of a friend to have a record shop and not like these records enough to price them over $3 each. They all have their moments but the sweet reverby oooh-wooh-oooh backup vocals on Rodeo Call make it an easy favorite.

Price: $3
Location: a short flight of stairs up from my basement dungeon.

Rodeo Call

3 Responses to Johnny Baker

  1. Anonymous says:

    HELLO! I don’t know who you are But I have never met some one in all my life or all my net surfing that has ever heard of these songs. I LOVE THEM ALL! I will buy all of them!

  2. thanx for this post. although i now realize he is not included in my new book YODEL IN HIFI: FROM KITSCH FOLK TO MODERN ELECTRONICA. But it is very beautiful. he decided to use reverby effects just like montana slim did. i love when these guys fool with reality actually… thanx.

  3. Karody Robbins says:

    I am just searching for Johnny Baker and realizing the LPs of him I grew up singing are fairly obscure now. We are a family of rodeo cowboys/girls and my grandpa liked Johnny Baker in the 50s or 60s. Would you sell them to me?

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