Tim Rock – Backseats, Bedrooms & Bars

Tim Rock is from Seattle. It seems like he used to be an engineer back in the 70s at a place called the Music Farm. This is his only record, and by the looks of the cover and him, people might think it’s going to be out there psych or something. Truthfully, its more mellow beard country rock that’s better than most of the stuff you can find cheap in this genre. Overall a two tracker in my opinion. My friend David would probably like this, think he calls this beige music but I don’t remember why.

Looks Like One More Highway
Headed For The Country


2 Responses to Tim Rock – Backseats, Bedrooms & Bars

  1. David says:

    You’re right, W.! I like it. Long songs! Find me a copy. Send it to me while I’m in SF. This is beige music indeed. Beige music is like tapestry. Beige music don’t take too much space. Beige music don’t break anything. Beige music is for the afternoon, between power nap & tea.

  2. sandy schaneman says:

    It’s one of my top-ten favorites!

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