Tom Hunnicutt

January 1, 2020


It’s good to like the place you’re from. And Escaping From Today is a nice theme.

Tom seems like a pretty chill mix of hippy outdoor and rugged man’s man –  he was in the military, has environmental concerns. Probably a good person to stop and help you if your car breaks down. The back of this record says he’s from somewhere that wikipedia says hasn’t existed in an awful long time. Opposition, Arkansas. so named in opposition of the bigger town nearby or something. I love the whole first side of this record, haven’t spent much time with Side 2 yet. Tried to digitize the whole side but only got this one song done.

Looks like Tom still makes music or has kind of recently as his stuff is available on CDBaby. Gotta check that out sometime….


Price: One dollar

Location: dollar bin