Priya – There Is Nothing Else

March 28, 2020


Staying on our current theme is another slow(ed) jam. Not much out there about the mysterious Priya, would love to know and hear more.  Recorded in Pleasant Hill in the East Bay.  Was the only release on a mysterious label called Sub Ek out of Santa Barbara, the catalog number 108 is strange. The label name and catalog number seem to be maybe Hindu / Krishna / Ram Dass references.  The artist full name is Krishna Priya. Hopefully more information to come! Please enjoy some slowed down private spiritual California reggae music from 1982.

Cost: $4.00

Location: Down Home El Cerrito Reggae Explosion

There Is Nothing Else (Slow)

You can also enjoy the regular speed version, if you would rather, vote for your favourite version in the comments below.

There Is Nothing Else (Regular)